Guide To Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Practice

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As trademark law continues to evolve, so do the reasons practitioners might find themselves before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ( TTAB). Cutting-edge business concepts, breakthroughs in technology, and the increasing variety of forms of commerce are all bringing new and interesting challenges to trademark practice. Only Guide to TTAB Practice helps you with practice and procedure, as well as substantive law.

Whether you’re a rookie or a veteran, Guide to TTAB Practice makes certain you’re fully prepared for every TTAB proceeding. This one-of-a-kind, nuts-and-bolts resource created by an expert practitioner takes you step-by-step through the entire process and tells you everything you need to know about practicing before the TTAB.

Areas of particular interest include:

  • Claims for relief
  • Defenses that can be asserted in opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Motion practice
  • Mailing and service
  • Discovery
  • Evidence—proving your case
  • Objecting to evidence
  • Discovery and testimony in cases involving foreign parties
  • Restriction proceedings
  • Priority determinations
  • Summary judgment
  • Submitting evidence
  • Objecting to evidence
  • Testimony
  • Briefs at final hearing and oral argument
  • Argument
  • Appeals
  • International challenges.
  • Settlement—the chapter on settlement presents the most effective ways settlements can be structured in accordance with the governing Trademark Rules of Practice.