How to Get Your Business on the Web: A Legal Guide to E-Commerce

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Have a great idea for a brand new Internet business? Or perhaps you want to take your existing business into cyberspace. Either way, it’s easier said than done — unless you read How to Get Your Business on the Web . This plain-English book covers every aspect of taking a business onto the Internet, helping you understand legal and technical jargon while guiding you through the paperwork involved. The book also shows you how to:

* register a domain name

* hire a designer and host

* create a privacy policy

* protect copyrights and trademarks

* license content for your site

* sell online legally

* accept credit cards

* deal with refunds

* and much more

How to Get Your Business on the Web provides the forms you need — plus step-by-step instructions to fill them out — on CD-ROM, including a Copyright Assignment, Nondisclosure Agreement and Linking Agreement.