How to Register a Trademark in the UK and Europe Without Using a Lawyer and Save Yourself £100s: Trade Marks Made Easy


Do you want to know how to trademark a name, how to trademark a logo, a business name or just how to trademark something?

Do you value your business, your brand your future and everything you have built up but worry that you could be copied by a competitor or ripped-off?

Do you want to register your own trademark but are concerned about the expense?

Do you want to do it yourself but don’t know where to start?


Here is your solution:
Get your copy of this Kindle ebook
How to Register a Trademark in the UK and Europe
 without using a lawyer and save yourself £100s
and learn to DO IT YOURSELF

Many think that to register your Trade Mark is a black art. It’s not…

If you understand simply how the Trade Mark process works, the elements and requirements of a Trademark and how to apply, YOU can do it yourself.

This Kindle eBook give you ALL the experience I have built up over the years of registering Trademarks for myself and for other business owners.

You will learn:
What is a trademark and what is copyright
The protection you get from a trademark
What you can and can’t trademark
Simple explanations of the legal jargon
How to protect against Trademark infringement and Passing Off
UK and a European trademark requirements
Simple explanations of the classes of your goods and services
Where to research and searching the database
How trademark applications are assessed
I even tell you about the conversations I’ve had with Trademark examiners on what they look for…

I also give you a STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS of how to apply for your own trademark application in the UK and throughout the entire European Union, in straightforward language that you can simply follow.

I am not a lawyer or Trade Mark attorney; I run my own small business and every part is precious to me.

So why did I learn about Trademarks and write this Kindle ebook?

A few years ago I was copied by a competitor and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. I lost business, market share, customers and money. I didn’t want it to happen again. I researched how to protect my business and found I can protect myself by registering Trademarks.

A Trademark lawyer did my first two registrations; I thought it was the only way to do it. I gave him all the details; he made the application, but I still had to understand the requirements so I could answer his questions. I really wanted to get it right, so I researched and found lots of useful information.

Then I discovered I could actually register a Trademark myself in the UK and Europe without using a lawyer. I had lots of questions; I researched and found out more.
I registered my next two Trade Marks myself, saving time and cost (up to about 80% compared to using a lawyer).
I did make mistakes, and then learnt even more on how to overcome them and I’ve registered trademarks for myself and for other businesses too.

This book gives you ALL the questions I had along the way, the answers I found and the experience I gained.

It’s not a legal manual, it’s a simple, quick, bite-sized practical system you can follow.
From one business owner to another, it tells you just what you need to know, what you need to check, and what you need to prepare, so you can apply for your own Trade Marks and protect your business, your brand, your future.

There are no smoke and mirrors, no hidden extras and no missing chapters; you get the benefit of my hindsight and experiences of how to Trademark.

The great thing is my Trademarks give me ALL the legal rights of protection for my registered marks in the UK and EU. I can stop anyone ripping me off, copy me, or jump on my bandwagon.

If I can protect my business, my brand and my future revenues, you can too.

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How to Register a Trademark in the UK and Europe Without Using a Lawyer and Save Yourself £100s
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