How to Register Your Federal Trademark


Protect your company, your brand, and your good name with this step-by-step legal guide to help you register a federal trademark.

The book takes you from the very first steps of settling in on a legally strong trademark. The next chapters move you through the trademark search process and an analysis of your search results. Finally, the book tells you about the registration process and how to ultimately succeed in your goal of obtaining a federal trademark registration.

Beyond the registration process itself, the book identifies what issues you’ll need an attorney to handle, and which issues you can take care of yourself.

Legal counsel doesn’t come cheap, but for $2.99, How to Register Your Federal Trademark provides quality legal information in an affordable package.


Chapter 1: Establishing Strong Trademark Rights
Chapter 2: Your Trademark Search
Chapter 3: Registering Your Trademark
Chapter 4: Hiring an Attorney
Chapter 5: Topics Not Covered in this Book
Chapter 6: Concluding Remarks