How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service

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How to Start a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant Service is the authoritative instruction manual of the virtual bankruptcy assistant field. For over five months, Victoria Ring, the developer of the virtual bankruptcy field revised, rewrote, and added brand new text to the book so that it complies with the most updated information available. This new FIFTH edition has been expanded to include the following new topics: * Words of wisdom from successful virtual bankruptcy assistants * Advice from attorneys who use virtual bankruptcy assistants in their law practice * A quick-start guide for starting a virtual bankruptcy assistant service * How to price your virtual bankruptcy assistant services properly in the beginning * Updated information for conducting online research, judgments, etc * Updated information regarding bankruptcy software programs * Mortgage cram down and strip down issues (BRAND NEW!) COMPLETELY REVISED SECTIONS: * The client intake interview process has completely been rewritten to include more recent examples * Added: The proper way to review the client intake forms for completion (a great time saver) * Added: The problems using Rapid Import features within your bankruptcy software * Added: How to do online court records searches THE BIGGEST CHANGE TO THE BOOK IS: Chapter 6: Preparation of the bankruptcy petition. This chapter was totally revamped from the previous version (published almost 3 years ago.) Since that time, Victoria has trained 500+ new students and worked on 100s of bankruptcy petitions. This additional knowledge and insight was added to this chapter. ALSO… * Samples of actual pleadings and bankruptcy notices so you can recognize the major ones used in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy * Samples of actual customer letters that your attorney may wish to use for clients * Samples of actual marketing letters that have been successful for other virtual bankruptcy assistants PLUS… * A brand new section of 100s of web links to save you money, including vendor contacts specifically utilized by the author in the establishment of her own virtual bankruptcy assistant service * How to use PDF versions of federal forms and save money purchasing forms from the software companies * Tips for virtual bankruptcy assistants starting their first service business * How the virtual bankruptcy assistant field has expended and what the future holds for you AND WE DID NOT FORGET MARKETING Other marketing options, including social marketing has now made marketing FREE or very low-cost. These options were not available when the previous version of this book was written. Therefore, a new Chapter 8 was added that contains all the up-to-date marketing techniques available today with links to everything you need to use right away.