Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright (Nutshell Series)

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Patents; The Foundations of Patent Protection; The Subject Matter of Patents; Patentability — Novelty and Statutory Bar; Patentability — Utility; Patentability — Non-Obviousness; Double-Parenting; Parenting Process; Infringement; Remedies; Patent Law and the Intersection of State and Federal Regulation; Trademarks; Foundations of Trademark Protection; Distinctiveness; Dilution and the Expansion of Trademark Doctrine; Loss of Trademark Protection and Partial Protection; Trademark Practice; Subject Matter; Infringement; Remedies; Copyright; Foundations of Copyright Protection; Subject Matter of Copyright; Exclusive Rights; Infringement; Fair Use; Ownership; Formal Requirements; Remedies; Copyright Laws and the Intersection of State and Federal Regulation.