Marc Stevens’ Government: Indicted


Government: Indicted is an indictment of the concept of government itself, not any particular group of people calling themselves a government. G:I is in two parts: the indictment showing the psychological damage and economic damage caused by the concept; then an explicit model for dealing with and resolving attacks by bureaucrats from traffic to taxes to possessing the wrong type of plants.

Government: Indicted is over 450 pages of proof the concept of government is irrational and cannot be reformed. The “but for” principal is also used to prove this irrational concept is the direct cause of damage by those acting as government and their victims, the mass of humanity that complies with and enables them.

The model for resolving attacks has proven effective across political lines. Not only has the author helped get attacks dropped, but others have replicated the results in Australia, Canada, England and New Zealand. One can not only predict what will happen, one can replicate it. It’s more proof that approaching these attacks from a rational standpoint – just looking at the evidence and asking questions – is so effective. No law degree necessary.