MIX-1500 Microplate Shaker, Speed 300-1500rpm with 4 standard micro plates

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Product description: Micro plate shaker MIX-1500 is mainly applied in solution mixing and shaking with PCR plate (96-holes/384-holes), cell culture plate (24-holes/48-holes/96-holes etc.) for immunoassay and dyeing experiments. It is safe used in low temperature environment or low temperature incubator. MIX-1500 is designed compact with simple and convenient operation. It uses DC brushless motor, safe, stable and no noise. Product features 1. LED digital display. Simple and easy operation designed panel. Display time and speed accurately. 2. Microprocessor controls speed and time, safe, stable, no noise. 3. Accommodate 4 standard PCR plates or micro plates, mixing trace amount of sample efficiently. 4. DC brushless motor, long life and free of maintenance. Provide both gentle and powerful shaking. 5. Provide timing function. Alarm notification when program completes. Technical Parameters: 1) Model MIX-1500 Microplate Shaker 2) Speed Range 300-1500rpm 3) Shaking Speed Range 300-1500 rpm/min – Standard 300-1000 rpm/min – Deepwell with full load 4) Timer 99h59min 5) Orbit 3mm(horizontal) 6) Dimensions 284x264x121mm Weight 6KG

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