No More Suits: The 8 Step Guide on How to Successfully Represent Yourself in a Debt Lawsuit and Win!


They’re sneaky, manipulative and have no problem going after your wallet, even if it is illegal. Welcome to the business of third-party, junk debt collection. Their goal is for you to be one of the 94% of those who never answer their lawsuit. The biggest secret they’re hoping you NEVER know, is that they have no proof. Little do they know that you are about to beat them at their own game. Finally, “the” definitive guide on fighting consumer debt lawsuits that will give you the true edge!

This easy to understand, 8-step guide will show you everything you need to know on how to represent yourself in a debt lawsuit without having to set foot in a court room! It’s loaded with all the tips and tricks that lawyers don’t want you to know and explains exactly what you need to do to fight your lawsuit with little effort and WIN!

As a bonus, the second half of the book includes 2 actual lawsuits for your reference (Midland Funding, LLC, Capital One). Additionally, you’ll find other supporting documents such as motion to compel, motion for summary judgment, dismissals and more!

Debt lawsuit expert Zack Nolan (who has represented himself in 3 debt collection lawsuits and WON), will leave no questions unanswered and will be your personal guide throughout your lawsuit process. Best of all, he’ll help get your case dismissed! Then, you too will be shouting from the rooftops…No More Suits!