Right on the Money: How to Accurately Estimate Litigation Attorneys’ Fees


“How much is this going to cost me” — a question every client asks and every lawyer answers during the course of every litigated matter. Yet one of law’s persistent mysteries is how to accurately estimate the attorneys’ fees necessary to resolve a particular dispute.

But accurate estimates of anticipated attorneys’ fees flow naturally and easily from the simple case analysis outlined with clarity in this 2,150 word article.

You will learn in this succinct article how to analyze the steps necessary to resolve any litigated dispute, how to evaluate the difficulty likely to be encountered at each step, how to gauge the likely overall litigation strategy of the other side, and how to thus calculate an accurate “bottom line” for almost any litigated matter.

The author brings to this subject successful experience as an associate in a Wall Street law firm, a founder of an AV-rated firm, a freelancer, an administrative partner for a 300-lawyer Silicon Valley firm, and a senior partner managing a 50-lawyer department in a 1400-lawyer mega-firm. As such, the author has rendered, reviewed, paid, litigated, or arbitrated thousands of bills for attorneys’ fees in the context of virtually every type of litigated matter and practice situation.

Little is written about how to accurately estimate anticipated legal fees in any particular litigated matter. This article provides specific, easy to apply guidelines for accurately evaluating the key factors to resolving any litigated dispute at a worth and cost acceptable to both lawyer and client.