Start and Grow Your Limited Scope Practice: How to Make Money Serving the “Do It Yourself” Client


There is a large, growing market of “do it yourselfers” who want to avoid the costs and financial unpredictability of full-service legal representation in their legal matters. More and more lawyers are finding that they can succeed by providing a la carte services in simple matters to clients who cannot afford large legal fees or upfront retainers. Limited Scope Representation can be a way to increase revenue in an existing practice or the foundation for an entirely new way to operate a client services business. With the right combination of solid operating procedures and creativity, you can build a professional legal services business that helps clients avoid many of the pitfalls inherent when they attempt to handle legal matters on their own, but is affordable.
(Includes forms.)

The methods described in this book are more than just concepts. They are already in use today by successful lawyers who believe that there is huge opportunity in providing important services to clients who appreciate them for help in a time of legal need. Those same lawyers make more and more money every month at a time when a lot of firms and solos are either shrinking or worried about folding.