The Art and Science of Process Serving: Practical Information from the Inside


This book provides the reader with the inside information on being a process server that is normally only learned by trial and error. Many books can tell you what the job is, but this book gives you the practical hints and tips to help make you successful and keep you safe.

There is one rule that every process server should follow and that rule is reinforced throughout. Topics covered include setting up a business or working for someone else, hiring employees, getting clients, successful advertising approaches, how fees work and how to get multiple fees. It also covers what it takes to be a process server, what the job is really like, how to approach the job and the people you serve. I go into what tools you need, both in the office and out in the field. I discuss personal safety, the force continuum, firearms, badges. I explain the differences in serving for criminal vs civil cases. I then go into specifics about being the field including practicing before your first serve, driving, what to wear and when and why to wear it. I will explain the difference between personal and substitute service, and how to handle people who refuse to be served. Personal safety in the field is important and I cover several aspects of that including planning your escape route, sharing your itinerary and going inside someone’s home. I will provide insight into how to efficiently organize your routes and save on gas. I get into unusual aspects including using dumpster diving, staking out a subject and how to handle a traffic stop if you are pulled over by the police. One rare and important thing included in this book is an appendix that goes into role playing so that you know how to confidently handle any situation you encounter.