Why You Don’t Need A Divorce Attorney: One Paralegal’s Take On Divorce, Responsibility And Compromise


Why You Don’t Need A Divorce Attorney, One Paralegal’s Take On Divorce, Responsibility and Compromise is written by Tim Blankenship who is a Legal Document Assistant who handles 1000’s of divorce cases.

Tim’s objective is to open the eyes of people who are faced with going through a divorce to see that there are better ways of handling their divorce. Many people are not aware that there are alternatives to hiring a divorce attorney. They don’t know that there are other professionals like Tim who handle divorce cases in a more amicable, mediated type setting.

Tim has a no-nonsense approach to divorce and tells you like it is. He thinks that while you should be informed about how the divorce process works, that you handle your divorce as business decision. If you have children, put them first and make the decisions in their best interest, not yours.

After that, treat your divorce as a business decision. Put all your emotion and BS aside and handle the issue at hand without emotion to trigger make making bad decisions. Tim tells his clients to “sit down at the kitchen table” and figure out how they are going to get through their divorce.

It is easy to hire a divorce attorney and tell him or her to handle your problems. It is much harder to sit down with your spouse and deal with the issues directly. It takes confronting problems and dealing with them. But guess what? You will end up with a much more desirable end product when you are done.

Tim thinks that attorneys have no place in the divorce process, except where spouses are acting criminally. There are times when you will just have to hire an attorney to “protect your rights”. We are not talking about the folks that are going through the absolutely worst divorces you can imagine. That is what the “acting criminally” refers to.

But most people are not going through nasty divorces. Even among people who hire attorneys for their divorce, most will settle long before trial. Which says that the divorce attorney was not needed in the first place.

Tim feels that attorneys only muddy the waters. They tell their clients that will “fight for their rights” and if you need that, then it appears that you fall into that category where divorce will be a fight.

But it does not have to.

Take responsibility. It will be difficult, but worth it.
Compromise. You may feel like you are giving too much, but so will your spouse.

Open your eyes to a better way of going through divorce. We discuss how you can handle child custody and child support decisions. How you can decide on parenting. How you can make decisions to split up your assets and everything else that goes into divorce.

Take control of your divorce. Don’t just throw money at the problem by hiring an attorney. Money you might not have and definitely don’t want to spend. There is a better way.

Tim Blankenship owns Perspektiv Legal, Inc also known as Divorce661.com and is regular writer on his blogs and published a podcast called Divorce Master Radio on iTunes.